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Well here you are. You have reached this point and you are considering contacting us. You can tell we are not your normal stuffy, stiff shirt, pencil wearing, computer guys.

So let's go over what you have learned: We are smart. We know how to work with computers. We eat a lot of salads. Some of us have joined Green Peace. We are good looking modest outspoken and shy all at the same time. We have a team of techs. You hire us we do the job and we get it done. We recycle plastic and meet regularly with the flat earth society for advice. Did we miss anything?

So go on and pick up that phone, what are you waiting for? Remember this is only have about 4 billion years left until the sun fizzes out, so hurry up!

Bulgingbrain central can be reached at: 888-643-9464

Thank you


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