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Information Technology

With our outsourced IT department you can assure your network is in good hands. Bulgingbrain experts will manage your company network, computers, desktops, email, routers, laptops, iphones, droids and more. We can cut your cost by outsourcing your IT needs. With our turn key solutions we provide a one stop shop for technology.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud services offer affordable technology and affordable solutions for your business. Our cloud hosted systems are secure, easier to use and access. Our cloud hosted systems are often less expensive than managing your own network. So go to the cloud. It may be time to consider our services or hosted email solutions and virual office.

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Technical Services

Our services are designed specifically to help businesses take advantage of our Creativity Enterprise level IT Services and savings.  So relax and take it easy, no need to worry about lost files, backups, remote access, iphone issues, server access, or support.

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Computer network systems specialist. Would your business benifit from a proactive technical approach? Our services are designed to help businesses take advantage of our IT Services and savings. With our VPN, cloud and hosted systems and our managed IT services we offer an all inclusive hands on technical team.

See our write up in the premere NJ magazine RADIUS and get 2 months free basic service.

Bulgingbrain: Managed IT Services and Cloud Hosting company

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Who are you Bulgingbrain

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What we do

Our onsite offsite services can help. And that help comes right to your door. Our Information technology and computer experts will manage your computer systems so you don't have to.

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Computer Services

So why worry about technical staffing, sick days, technical know how, upgrades or anything related to your systems. Let Bulgingbrain take this burden off your shoulders. We offer technologies solutions for all your company needs and deliver the most advanced business solutions available.

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